OTCInc Established. OTCInc is a company that has deep roots, tracing back to its establishment in 1992 by Johnny and Evelyn Liew. The founders initially set out to introduce Pizza Hut an American franchise that resonated strongly with them since their college days, to the Brunei market. Driven by their passion for food and unwavering commitment to quality, Johnny and Evelyn worked tirelessly to push the boundaries of innovation and operational excellence, which have remained a cornerstone of OTCInc's identity to this day.


Introduced Pizza Hut. OTCInc's journey began with the opening of the first Pizza Hut store at Abdul Razak Complex, Gadong, marking a pivotal moment in Brunei's food service industry. Since then, we have relentlessly pursued innovation and the delivery of the highest quality products to our cherished customers, all while expanding our reach and accessibility across Brunei.


Introduced the Original Honey Garlic Chicken and Tuna Delight Pizzas. OTCInc has long been at the forefront of originality and innovation, with our most prominent contribution being the creation and development of Brunei's favorite pizza topping, "Honey Garlic Chicken," by our founder Johnny Liew. Later that same year, Evelyn Liew, also a founder of OTCInc, introduced another one of Brunei's best-selling toppings, the delectable "Tuna Delight."


Home Delivery. OTCInc introduces the first-ever Home Delivery Service in Brunei.


Established our Call Centre. At OTCInc, we have always prioritized providing our customers with maximum convenience, which led us to combine the first-ever Home Delivery Service in Brunei with the launch of our Call Centre, further expanding our capacity to provide unparalleled customer service and support. To make it even more memorable, we chose the phone number "2226111," a number that is etched in the minds of our customers to this day.


Introduced Dairy Queen. We brought one of the world's top soft-serve ice cream brands to Brunei with the introduction of the iconic Blizzard and signature curl. Since opening our first branch in Teck Guan, Bandar, we have remained steadfast in our commitment to serving only the highest quality soft-serve treats and beverages. As a result, we have expanded our reach across the country, bringing our beloved soft-serve delights to even more delighted customers.


Central Kitchen, Dough Commissary and Distribution Centre. At OTCInc, we place the utmost emphasis on food safety, quality, and customer satisfaction. To ensure that we maintain the highest standards in these areas, we established our own HACCP & Brunei Halal certified facility, which houses both a Central Kitchen and Dough Commissary. This enables us to exercise careful control and monitoring over all our products that are served to our business units. In addition, we have our own Distribution Centre, complete with a fleet calibrated to meet the unique needs of our business units.