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Another Pizza Hut Brunei Innovation: Salted Egg Yolk Pizza
Pizza Hut Brunei continuously introduced innovation pizza, adding another milestone to the list. Last 28th Feb 2019, Salted Egg Yolk Pizza was introduced and launched on its Social Media. On the 5th March 2019 marked the official press launch of the NEW flavor pizza; SALTED EGG YOLK Pizza.

The flavor comes in TWO toppings: 1) Salted Egg Yolk CHICKEN Pizza 2) Salted Egg Yolk PRAWN Pizza.

Salted Egg Yolk Chicken Pizza;
A Scrumptious Chunky Chicken with Salted Egg Cheese Crust garnished with red chili and curry leaves

Salted Egg Yolk Prawn Pizza;
Crispy Chunky Prawn with Salted Egg Cheese Crust topped with red chili and curry leaves

It is available in three types of crust; Pan, Thin Crust Hand Stretched Artisan, Whole wheat crust and different sizes as well.

Furthermore, this new flavor pizza is also featured in our Dine In Specials – It comes in 3 sets; Meal for 2, Meal for 4 and Meal for 6 that fans can choose from while dining in with us. This Special is only available in Pizza Hut Gadong, Pizza Hut The Mall and Pizza Hut Airport Mall.

To find out more, you can log in to their website at or Visit our Dine In (Gadong, The Mall and Airport Mall)