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Pizza Hut donations flow to KACA and SMARTER
PIZZA Hut Brunei handed over donations amounting BND10,000 to two associations in the country as part of their corporate social responsibilities (CSR) project.

Pizza Hut Brunei Marketing Executive, Faizah Ja’afar presented the donations. Centre for Children with Special Needs’ (KACA) donation was received by the centre’s Managing Director Haji Abdul Alim bin Haji Othman. The association received a donation of BND5,000.

The Society for the Management of Autism Related issues in Traini...

The entry of MY BOX is another Innovation of Pizza Hut Brunei to capture Millenials, Students, Young working individuals who are value seekers wanting affordable meal that’s filling and can be found in QSRs. It’s a complete meal set for your easy and better on the go meal.

For Pizza Hut Delivery/Take-Away Stores,

My BOX contains A Personal Thin Crust Hand Stretched Pizza, Sides and a Tetra Drink. Personal Thin Pizza has sixteen (16) Available Toppings from locals favorite Honey Garli...

Another Pizza Hut Brunei Innovation: Salted Egg Yolk Pizza
Pizza Hut Brunei continuously introduced innovation pizza, adding another milestone to the list. Last 28th Feb 2019, Salted Egg Yolk Pizza was introduced and launched on its Social Media. On the 5th March 2019 marked the official press launch of the NEW flavor pizza; SALTED EGG YOLK Pizza.

The flavor comes in TWO toppings: 1) Salted Egg Yolk CHICKEN Pizza 2) Salted Egg Yolk PRAWN Pizza.

Salted Egg Yolk Chicken Pizza;
A Scrumptious Chunky Chicken with Salted Egg Cheese Crust garnished wi...

Truffle Series
Introducing to you the TRUFFLE SERIES.

It consists of the Truffle Pizza 🍕 , The Chicken Mushroom Truffle Penne 🍝 and the Truffle fries.

The Truffle series was launched on the 25th of December 2018, something new to the menu. Created especially for the explorer, the adventurer, the curious and those that just love Pizza!

To end the year 2018, with something fresh and new, Pizza Hut introduced this Truffle Series.

With love, Pizza Hut Brunei.

Cheesy 7 comeback
Hi there!

Chessy 7 Loaded is making a comeback on the 16th of November 2018. It comes in 2 flavors, first is the Chunky Grilled Chicken Pizza and the second one is the Chicken Meatloaf Pizza.

Even better, they come in large sizes if you choose the Artisan crust; that is the 13” inch or 15” inch size. (Amazing,huh!)

Visit our website at for more information.
With love, Pizza Hut Brunei.

Pizza Hut 25th Anniversary and Splitzza launch
In celebration of Pizza Hut 25th Anniversary, we offer Brunei’s two favorite toppings in one pizza - Splitzza Pizza, half Honey Garlic Chicken, and Half Tuna Delight. We created this limited time offer Splitzza Pizza to say a Huge Thank You to our customers for patronizing Pizza Hut for over 25 years.

2 New Flavours added to Wingstreet!
Love our Wings?

Get our new Buffalo Wings and Garlic Parmesan Wings for only $9.90!

Why are you still reading this? Go and get em now!

Skip the Hotline, Order Online at

Pizza Hut Wing street
Fancy some wings?Introducing Pizza Hut's Wingstreet with our exciting flavours , that come in Honey, BBQ and Spicy.Even better , Pizza Hut delivers it straight to you! Call us now and get your wings fix today only with Pizza Hut.

Terms and conditions apply. Skip the Hotline, Order Online

Fantastic 4 Available Nationwide
Due to popular demand , Fantastic Four has made its way to all 15 stores nationwide. It is available for Dine In, Take Away and Delivery.
To know more , head over down to your nearest branch or you can order online at
Everything is FAN-tastic at Pizza Hut.

Double Tuesday & Thursday Setiap Hari , Just got better!
A favorite among all Bruneians ,"Pizza Hut's DOUBLE TUESDAY AND THURSDAY SETIAP HARI ". Pizza Hut for the past 8 months has offered this special promotion everyday and now it got even better by having 9 NEW toppings to choose from . Talk about variety!!!!! The 9 toppings to choose from are as follows :-

BBQ Chicken, Flaming Chicks, Ultimate Cheese, Pepperoni Lovers, Hawaiian Classic, Tuna Delight and NOW Introducing Our New Classic, Chicken, Pepperoni Floss.

Head on down to Piz...

Fantastic 4 Free 1 Pizza
Pizza Hut Brunei has launched the Fantastic 4. Buy one large Fantastic 4 pizza and get another large pizza free. Your Large pizza free is open to ANY TOPPINGS of your choice!Best part about this product is you get to have your favourite toppings all in 1 Large pizza. Here we are offering Brunei's Top 3 favourite toppings and its latest in One pizza which are the " Honey Garlic Chicken, Tuna Delight, Pepperoni and Chicken Floss."
For Takeaway, it's $20.90. For Dine in, it's $21.90. Av...

Chicken Serunding Pizza
Pizza Hut Brunei has great news. Firstly the LATEST NEW flavour to hit town that oozes great flavours . We reveal the Chicken Floss Pizza which is available in 3 different and very tasty flavours. There are the Classic , Chicken and Pepperoni . Back by popular demand is also the WOW Hebat 50% where you can get your favourite appetizers at 50% when you order a Regular and Large Ala Carte Pizza. The pizza variety is open to all flavors.For more info , you can visit the website at www.pizz...

Pillow Puffs
Pizza Hut has unveiled its latest dessert . Introducing the Pillow Puffs , where it is a golden pillow of fried dough , dusted with chocolatey powdered sugar and sweet dipping sauce. Guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings.
For more info , do visit our website at

Everyday Setiap Hari
Pizza Hut has heard you and is ready to make sure , you get the best deals around. Introducing the EVERYDAY ,Setiap Hari Deals. Different Toppings! Different tastes to explore! Double Tuesday Double Thursday Everyday!

Drop by your nearest Pizza Hut branch or order online at

Hari Raya Special Meals
Here at Pizza Hut , we wish all our Muslim customers "Selamat Hari Raya ". During this festive season of giving , Pizza Hut introduces , " The Hari Raya Special Meals " , which are available for take away and delivery.This includes a regular size pizza which is a Tuna Delight , Baked Spaghetti Bolognese , Fried Chicken ( 3 pcs) , Garlic Bread ( 4 slices) and French Fries. This meal is good for 3 people . Delivery is $31.90. Most people often ask , "Can we change the pizza toppings?" Th...

SMARTER Brunei Donation
On Tuesday 6th of June , Pizza Hut and Dairy Queen donated $10,000 to SMARTER Brunei. This is another step towards the direction Pizza Hut as well as Dairy Queen have in mind under its Corporate Social Responsibility. The vision of both Brand's is to help strengthen ties as well as help the community.The team were met upon arrival by the Director of Smarter Brunei and his Team. SMARTER Brunei is a center that helps counsel as well as educate people who have autism.Whilst touring , the Dire...

Blood Donation
Pizza Hut and Dairy Queen recently collaborated with RIPAS Blood Donation Bank to help raise awareness on the benefits of donating blood. On the 8th Of May , 2017, members of the public were invited to donate blood and 100 donors donated successfully. Pizza Hut and Dairy Queen were supported by D'Sunlit who sponsored the banner as well as the Airport Management who sponsored the venue. Donors got free slices of pizza as well as Baked Garlic Chicken Rice.Pizza Hut thanks all who came to support...

Pizza Fiesta
Available daily from Mon-Wednesday from 6 pm-9 pm. ONLY at our 3 DINE INs

Cheesy Garlic Twist
Your favourite with an ultimate twist

Big Box
Available daily. Variety at is best.

In this month of generosity, we are offering a "Double Tuesday" deal EVERYDAY for the whole month of Ramadhan!

In celebration of the launch of Pizza Hut's online ordering service and Global Mas Prof Foods 'HACCP' certification, we took to Tungku beach for an epic quad bike ride lead by our Chairman Mr. J. Liew.

The team enjoyed the day riding over extreme and challenging terrains, each pushing themselves to their limits!
It symbolised the journey it took to achieve the things that needed to be achieved - a journey of hardship, teamwork and going the extra mile.

For the past 7 years, Olive Tree Corporation has been welcoming in the New Year by holding a Yee Sang - Prosperity Toss.

Our Chairman Mr. J. Liew, GM, Managers, RGMs and other members of staff all joined together to celebrate achievements made by all who contributed to the company's perusal in excellence.

Pizza Hut is proud to announce that they will be sponsoring a very talented, young golfer so that he can grasp all the opportunities that he can to contribute to his career as a professional golfer.

Through the sponsorship, Sanjok Moktan, will be able to go to all the tournaments around SEA to gain as much experience in the professional world.

As a contribution to Brunei's community, Sanjok has set up a golf clinic to teach young, budding golf enthusiasts all the tricks of the trade and h...

Last December we held yet another Blood Donation Station at our head office in Sg.Tilong.

It was open to all members of the public to come along and donate their blood to save lives.

The donations were done by the Blood Donation staff from RIPAS, making sure everyone willing to donate were all in tip-top condition and in capable health to donate.

Even our staff joined in the heroic cause to save lives!

Pizza Hut Motorcade Rally
To mark the launching of the New Texas Crown Pizza , Pizza Hut organized a motorcade rally wherein more than 70 Pizza Hut delivery bikes including cars joined that roamed Bandar Area. The event received a positive response from the motorist as well as from social media during the rally, people are taking pictures of team which some also described as “red army”.

Blood Donation
A successful blood donation campaign organized by Olive Tree Corporation was held at the Head Quarters in Sg. Tilong and another in Airport Mall, Berakas. The blood donation drive is part of OTC’s initiative to give back and add value to the community.

The blood donation drive was headed by Mr. Johnny Liew, Chairman of Olive Tree Corporation and Mr. Adel Gabriel, General Manager. More than 70 participants including Staff and Managers and customers of Pizza Hut and Dairy Queen joined ...

Double Thursday
Double Thursday! Now even Thursday is a Double Tuesday!” Due to popularity of Double Tuesday and to the insistent public demand, Pizza Hut Brunei now offers Double Thursday!

CHAMPS Challenge 2013
Pizza Hut Brunei recently hosted the YUM Asia Pacific Regional Champs Challenge 2013. Another milestone for Pizza Hut Brunei, this event was a great way to show how a small band of committed people can do big things like other country. Sleepless nights, months of preparation, teamwork injected with fun and laughter have been the keys for the success and made the journey more meaningful. All departments, all levels contributed and played their role seamlessly and welcome the delegates from differ...

20th Anniversary and Annual Dinner Party
The evening began with a powerful and motivational speech by our Chairman Mr. Johnny Liew. Following were performances by the enthusiastic OTC team members. The night continued with prizes and awards for the best of the best employees in Pizza Hut dine in, Pizza Hut delivery, Dairy Queen and Restaurant Support Center, presented by distinguished guests invited from YUM international.

Wow Big Box
Brunei’s finest in terms of radio presenters gathered for one memorable, meaningful and magical experience. Although rivals on air, four respected DJs came together for good food and an even better Pizza Hut experience.
DJ Idham, DJ Jenny, DJ Fakhrul of KFM and DJ Izan of Pilihan FM made history in a light-hearted and relatable video commercial promoting the new WOW Big Box- the answer to everyone's cravings!

Pusat Ehsan
As a global brand, Dairy Queen are committed to giving back to the community. Aside from our strong intention of being the neighborhood's favorite ice cream brand, we also strongly believe in working together, constantly improving our local community.

Dairy Queen is specifically committed to supporting a non-government, non-profit organization, Pusat Ehsan. This organisation provides quality education, vocational training and rehabilitation services.

Pizza Hut new Tuscani Pizza
Introducing Pizza Hut’s traditional Italian inspired handmade pizza. A light crispy crust on the outside with a soft, fluffy texture on the inside. This pizza crust is hand-tossed in store with an authentic Italian taste. Delizioso!