Vision & Mission
Core Team
Our Vision

  • Be the number one favourite restaurant brand in Brunei
  • To excel at providing product quality and customer satisfaction
  • To develop and support a workforce of proactive leaders through learning and growing
  • To be the leader in creation and innovation of products
  • To drive aggressive growth and diversification
  • To be a company focused on our employee’s well-being, by providing training, development and effective communication

Our Mission Statement

We are committed to provide a high standard quality of both products and services in order to continually enhance customer satisfaction.

In our empowered and enriched working environment, we strive to incorporate leadership and teamwork to build a leading brand in every significant category.

Together with our customers, employees and suppliers, we look forward to achieve mutually beneficial growth.

We continue to deliver the value to all stakeholders with honesty and integrity.

To Our Employees

We value our employees as our most significant asset. We treat our employees with respect and equality. Individual achievements are recognized with advancement and promotion based on performance and abilities.

We provide a safe and healthy working environment. Also provided is an atmosphere where initiative and creativity is greatly valued, giving opportunities for our employees to improve and develop their skills and abilities within our company.

To Our Customers

Our customers’ trust is of key importance to us at OTC. We continually improve upon our products and service, keeping our customers' needs a priority.

To Our Business Partners

We consider suppliers as our business partners that can provide and support us in terms of best products, which represent our customers’, company values and requirements.

We emphasise an importance on developing relationships with our suppliers to enhance a mutually beneficial connection with the customer.

We are committed to be honest and fair with our suppliers, expecting the same in return.