Vision & Mission
Core Team

OTC was founded in 1992 after a prolonged search for a name that symbolized stability, sustainability and abundance. After much debate, the company was registered under "Olive Tree Corporation." The olive tree embodied a meaningful ethos, as the tree is known for its longevity and ability to survive under extreme, adverse conditions.

The company was conceived as a result of a promised gift to a special woman in the founder's life as a young man fresh out of college. OTC was originally formed to introduce an American franchise, Pizza Hut to Brunei; a brand that represented something that Johnny and Evelyn had loved since their college days. Both young and ambitious, the couple were motivated by the limitless opportunities for creativity as well as the potential that lay within bringing a great Italian-inspired Pizza company to their home town. The passion, vision and exposure were the driving forces behind the founders' ability to continually move forward and innovate, allowing the creation of this great company.

Throughout the years, OTC has undergone countless innovative steps such as the launch of the nation's favorite pizza topping "Honey Garlic Chicken" originally created by founder, Johnny Liew. The company has also experienced several changes from modification of management style to bringing in new, different brands.

From the outset, a defining moment was the decision to keep OTC a Bruneian based and owned company, but was to be run in the context of exposure and internationality. Today, this vision remains the same as we continue to set the stage for originality and improvement of products and services. At OTC, we strive to create a style that is uniquely local yet global in terms of standards and excellence.